Purchasing Former Bankrupt Lists

Formerly bankrupt (former BK) households are ideal acquisition targets for consumer finance companies. D2K is a data broker of former BK information that is gathered from the United States Bankruptcy Court system called Pacer.

A former BK file typically contains bankruptcy households that were either Chapter 7 newly filed households, or Chapter 13 discharged households, within a certain period that can be specified. While D2K has access to bankruptcy data going back 20+ years, out experience has shown that more recent bankruptcies respond to acquisition campaigns at a far higher rate than older ones.

Marketing Opportunities

Former BK customers can be included in your monthly acquisition mailings or pre-screen programs. Typically, they will respond 25%-35% higher than traditional prospect list sources, such as credit bureau names. LEARN MORE

List Usage & Available Data

All former BK data can be purchased for single use, multiple use (up to three times), or unlimited use within a year. Purchase either basic customer information or additional property or demographic data. LEARN MORE

D2K Former BK Services

FREE Market Counts: D2K can provide you with actual Chapter 7 and 13 counts for your current markets. Contact Us for FREE Former BK Counts

Pricing Options: There are a number of pricing options available to your initial and on-going monthly purchases. LEARN MORE

Bulk & Monthly Purchases: Establish your former BK database by purchasing past BK information. We recommend purchasing records for the last 12 months. Automated monthly purchases can be performed so you have the most up-to-date former BK names.

BK Database: D2K can develop and maintain a database of your former BK purchases on a monthly basis. This would include managing address changes, do not advertising requests, list expiration dates, and removing responders. LEARN MORE

BK Management Center: An online tool that allows your branch to flag bad addresses, change addresses, and add customers to a master Do Not Advertise list. LEARN MORE

National Change of Address (NCOA): D2K can perform NCOA processing every 90-days to obtain updated address information and provide you certification for postage discounts for your centralized mailings.

Branch Mail Made Easy (BMME): An online mail merge platform that allows your branches to mail corporate-approved solicitation, collection, and event letters. BMME stores all letters mailed in a historical database and provides reporting capability. LEARN MORE



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