At D2K, we strive to provide high-quality, efficient and effective data-oriented solutions. One of our primary objectives is to help your organization save time and money, while improving your results. We have a full array of products and services to enhance your marketing efforts and meet your organization's needs. 

D2K Made Easy

COMING SOON!  D2K will be offering a suite of self-service online data processing tools designed to better serve your marketing needs. You can save a surprising amount of time by replacing time-consuming tasks that someone in your organization is repeatedly performing on a daily or weekly basis with our efficient web-based tools. D2K Made Easy services will help you save precious budget dollars by allowing you to easily perform useful processes you are paying some outside vendor or internal resources hundreds of dollars to complete. 

One or more of our D2K Made Easy services will give you the results you need at the time you need them. There are no work orders to submit, detailed instructions to follow or extended periods of time to wait. Learn More 

Data Services

Data is at the core of everything we do at D2K Corp. Whether it is data about customers, prospects, or employees, we can help you leverage that information and generate value for your organization. 

Enhance your current customer data or support your consumer or business acquisition programs with prospect lists. Our data experts will guide you through the complexity of available data selections to create a custom profile designed to pinpoint prospects that will be most receptive to your products and services. Learn More 

Marketing Services

D2K Corp offers marketing services that span from strategic consulting to complete campaign management and fulfillment.  You can leverage the vast experience of the D2K team and their affiliate partners to enhance your existing marketing campaigns or develop new programs for your organization.  Learn More 

CCM (Customer Contact Manager)

This exclusive D2K Customer Contact Manager (CCM) platform provides a competitive advantage to any business concentrating on product sales.  It manages the entire contact process including; list distribution, results tracking, up-to-the-minute reporting, forwarding referrals within your organization, maintaining historical contact notes and managing Do Not Solicit requests.  This platform can be used online through D2K or loaded on to your network or intranet for easy access.  Learn More



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