D2k Made Easy Services

The world of self-service data processing is just around the corner!

D2K Corp is developing a suite of self-service online data processing tools designed to meet your marketing needs. You can save a surprising amount of time by replacing time-consuming tasks that someone in your organization is repeatedly performing on a daily or weekly basis with our web-based tools. D2K Made Easy services will help you save precious budget dollars by allowing you to easily perform useful processes you are paying some outside vendor or internal resources hundreds of dollars to complete. 

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D2K Made Easy Basic and Premium Services

You can choose to use one or more D2K Made Easy services one time a month or an unlimited number of times throughout the month.

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D2K Made Easy Products

Our services fall into three categories; Basic, Premium and Free.  For a full description of the types of services offered, simply click on the category.

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Don't be worried about your file format! Our Made Easy products allow you to upload all standard data files and download the results in any format you choose.


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