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Available one-time use, unlimited usage or as part of a deluxe unlimited package.

One-Time Usage: A single use of any one D2K Made Easy service for a one-time fee.
Unlimited Usage: The use of any one D2K Made Easy service as often as you like during a one-month period.
Deluxe Unlimited Usage: The use of all D2K Made Easy services as often as you like during a one-month period.

Basic File Merge

Our Basic File Merge service does just what its name implies. It merges two files with a common unique key field together. Just upload the files; identify the common key field, select which fields you want included and hit submit. Within seconds you will have a single merged file to download.

Case Conversion

Our Case Conversion service allows you to easily convert name and address data into upper case or mixed case (upper and lower case) formats.  It doesn't matter how the data is originally formatted; all caps, all lower case or mixed case. 

Our tool can even handle names like McNamara and O'Reilly correctly and you don't have to worry about WILLIAM STAUNTON III being converted to William Staunton Iii as it does with so many case conversion tools.

Currency Formatter

Our Currency Formatter service converts one or more fields in your input data file from a numeric format to a text field formatted as currency with two decimal places.  For example, numeric field 1234.5 will be converted to text field $1,234.50. 

This process is often needed to pre-format an input file for applications that display text fields without providing any formatting options.

Name Parser

Our Name Parser service splits a single Full Name field into its component parts and returns separate First Name, Middle Name, Last Name and Suffix fields.  It can handle names with hyphens (-) and even looks for business names that may be in your file - preventing their elimination like many name parsing tools.


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