Branch Mail Made Easy (BMME)

A majority of consumer finance organizations have a decentralized branch model.  The Branch Mail Made Easy tool provides marketing control and flexibility in the hands of their branch managers.  At the same time, affords efficiency in processing mail merge projects and migrates risks associated with the local branch creation of solicitation and collection letters.

Customer files can be uploaded daily, weekly or monthly along with a set of approved solicitation and collection letters. The system identifies pre-determined customer segments, but provides the flexibility to query the database for custom customer lists.

The branch has control of who receives mail, the offer made, and when it is sent. Corporate controls the message and the customers loaded into the system. The system has safe-guards installed to eliminate duplication of letters or customer information uploaded into the database.

A complete list of BMME features is listed below.

BMME Online Demo

You can visit our iConnect demo site, click on Branch Mail Made Easy menu and check out this "easy" mail merge tool. To obtain a temporary log-in, simply click on the link below, complete the contact form and the information will be emailed to you the same day.


BMME Features

  • Supports all types of mail communication: solicitation, collections, events, notification, and even monthly statements
  • Options for standard or 3-up letter formats
  • Query system for creating customized customer lists and to provide portfolio reporting 
  • Secured employee log-in
  • Customer information limited to Branch, District, or Regional assignments
  • Customer list print and export options
  • Ability to remove customers for display
  • Mail merged letters produced in PDF format that cannot be altered
  • Ability to reactivate customers printed incorretly
  • Local and centralized printing options
  • Full array of variable fields to personalize your letters
  • Options to requrie expiration dates and offer amounts
  • All mail merge information stored forever - along with the actual letter sent
  • Management reports to monitor usage, most-popular letters, and track response performance

iConnect Platform

Currently the D2K on-line tools are being developed and housed within a proprietary intranet platform called iConnect.

iConnect enables improved company communications and provides for the elimination of storing files and information on network drives.  It has an easy-to-use administrative management portal, company directory system, corporate calendar, and many other basic features.  iConnect has many standard and custom modules that provide functions such as improving efficiency, creating reports, storing important information and supporting company initiatives.  iConnect and its modules are typically hosted by D2K but can also be installed on a client's server if securing data within a company's firewall is a necessity.



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