D2K Former BK Database Services

D2K provides services to build a former BK database and perform monthly updates for the new records you purchase. The processing is automated so the update process can be run quickly, efficiently, and produce standard audit reports that you can review and approve.

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Why is it important to maintain a BK datbase?

  • The data can only be used for marketing purposes for a period of one year past the purchase date.  Therefore records need to be purged as the 12-month period expires.
  • As with any prospect customer list, addresses change and mail is returned with no forwarding address.
  • As customers respond, either as new loan customers or turned down application, they must be removed from the database.
  • Customers will request to be removed from your advertising.
  • To maximum the potential of this acquisition opportunity, the customers need to be run through the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA) process. Undeliverable and new addresses must be identified and processed.

D2K can create an automated process that performs handles all of these items and delivers an updated file to you monthly.

How does the monthly update process work?

  • D2K works with you to establish rules and criteria for the update process.
  • You provide D2K with your active customer list and turn down application file (if available).
  • D2K makes your monthly former BK purchase
  • Every 90 days, D2K perform the NCOA process on the new and existing BK customers.
  • The update process is completed and audit material produced.
  • The audit material is delivered to you for review and approval.

D2K can either deliver the updated file to you, one of your preferred vendors, or store the database on our intranet platform that you can access online.



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