Former BK Management Center

D2K Corp. has developed an online module to assist companies in managing their prospect (former BK) customer lists. This includes a customer query system, the ability to change address information, flag bad addresses, and add any customer to a master Do Not Advertise (DNA) database (for more information on the DNA database, see below).

In addition, a new BK database will be created and maintained within our intranet platform, iConnect, with the ability for you to download the entire customer list at any time.

Former BK Management Center Online Demo

View a video demonstration of this online tool.

Former BK Management Center Video Demo

You can visit our iConnect demo site, click on BK Mgmt Center menu and check out this easy-to-use tool. To obtain a temporary log-in, simply click on the link below, complete the contact form and the information will be emailed to you the same day.


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Do Not Advertise (DNA) Repository

The DNA iConnect module allows your branch offices access to all prospect, present and former customer name and address information, flag accounts they do not want included in future pre-screen campaigns, and service customers requesting to be removed from all future marketing. In addition, customers not found on the list can be added to the DNA master list.

If you are a Branch Mail Made Easy (BMME) user, all customer lists being uploaded into the BMME will be matched to the master DNA database and removed. This feature allows you to comply with the customer's request to be removed from all future mailings and will greatly reduce your customer complaints. 

From the Administrative site, you will be able to download the No Pre-screen and DNA data at any time. This can be used to remove customers from future pre-screen processing - saving you credit bureau list costs, production and postage expenses. 

iConnect Intranet Platform

Currently the D2K on-line tools are being developed and housed within a proprietary intranet platform called iConnect.

iConnect enables improved company communications and provides for the elimination of storing files and information on network drives.  It has an easy-to-use administrative management portal, company directory system, corporate calendar, and many other basic features.  iConnect has many standard and custom modules that provide functions such as improving efficiency, creating reports, storing important information and supporting company initiatives.  iConnect and its modules are typically hosted by D2K but can also be installed on a client's server if securing data within a company's firewall is a necessity.




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