Former BK Pricing

There are options to purchase Chapter 7 and 13 former BK names separately or a combination of both. If you do not have an existing former BK list, we recommend initially purchasing up to 12 months of former BK names and on-going monthly purchases.

Your total cost is impacted by the usage option you choose and the data information you request. For more information, see List Usage & Available Data.

D2K Corp. provides a number of former BK services.

  • Bulk Purchases
  • Monthly Purchases
  • Additional Property and Demographic Data
  • Former BK Database Development & Monthly Updates
  • National Change of Address (NCOA) Processing
  • Online BK Management Center

Former BK List Costs

Former BK lists costs are based on records purchased per thousand. The minimum cost per order is $100.

Former BK Costs

Former BK Bulk Purchases

Bulk purchases can be made at any time for your entire target market or individual branch, state or regional markets. 

BK Bulk Purchase Costs

"Hot List" records are a subset of the total and are the bankruptcy records that were filed or discharged within the last 45 days.  

Former BK Monthly Purchases

D2K can provide automated monthly purchases. These records can either be posted on our secured FTP site or added to your D2K-created BK Database.

BK Mthly Purchase Costs

Additional Property and Demographic Data

Optional data is available for an addition cost per thousand records purchased. You can purchase one or more data elements listed below.

Additional Data Costs

Former BK Database Development & Monthly Updates

D2K Corp. can create a BK Database to store the different former BK files.  The BK Database will keep track of data purchase dates and automatically purges data that is over a year old, to keep you in compliance with the terms of data usage.  The BK Database will also identify responding BK names and remove those records on a monthly basis, apply NCOA address updates, flag records no longer within your market areas, and flag bad address records.

  • $500.00 - Initial BK Database Development (one-time cost)
  • $250.00 - Monthly BK Database Update

National Change of Address (NCOA) Processing

D2K provides NCOA processing services. Former BK names would be matching to the USPS database every 90 days and your records would be updated with the correct address format and new address information. Performing NCOA improves mail delivery and qualifies you for postage discounts for centralized mailings.

NCOA Pricing

Online BK Management Center

D2K Corp. maintains a number of online tools that are accessible through our proprietary intranet platform called iConnect. 

The BK Management Center is specifically designed to manage former BK customer lists. This includes a customer query system, the ability to change address information, flag bad addresses, and add any customer to a master Do Not Advertise database. Additionally, a new BK database will be maintained within iConnect and provide you with the ability to download the database at any time.

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