D2K Corp offers marketing services that span from strategic consulting to complete campaign management.  You can leverage the vast experience of the D2K team and their affiliate partners to enhance your existing marketing campaigns or develop new programs for your organization.  Whether you are considering direct mail, email, social media, print ads or online interactive channels, our marketing consultants are here to discover how you can improve results and sustain those improvements over time.

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Holiday Centralized Branch Mail

If you operate in a decentralized marketing environment where your branches send out their own solicitation, make the switch to Holiday Centralized Branch Mail. With D2K Marketing Services, every aspect of your holiday solicitation campaigns can be handled and your letters or postcards mailed for the cost of a single postage stamp. Learn More

United Pre-screen Express - UPE

United Pre-screen Express Promotional Video (length 4:16)

UPE Pricing   |   UPE Brochure   |   UPE Volume & Cost Projections

Achieving top performance in today's subprime lending environment requires agility, speed and expert knowledge of the tools proven to help produce powerful results. However, the process of identifying and acquiring the right consumer loan prospects can be both expensive and time-consuming, giving national lenders a distinct advantage over local or regional finance companies. Not any longer!

United Pre-screen Express (UPE), a collaborative lender program offered by SourceLink and D2K Corporation, now offers small and mid-sized consumer finance companies the same powerful tools employed by the nation's largest lenders - at about one-third the cost of implementing a stand-alone pre-screen marketing program. Learn More

Experienced Campaign Management: 

Use D2K as your outsource partner for part or all of your campaign management.  We can enhance your existing process, develop new continuity campaigns or develop strategies to reach your customers through a multi-channel approach.

If you have limited internal resources or expertise, D2K can act as an extension of your marketing department through our experienced team and vast network of affiliate partners.

Design / Print / Mail Services:

Whether your project is large or small, direct mail or fulfillment, D2K can provide design, print and mail services.  Our campaign management combines our knowledge in data management with our years of experience in executing efficient, cost-effective and targeted direct mail programs.

We can assist in standard direct mail or fulfillment processing, develop online turn-key mail and fulfillment portals or self-contained intranet platforms you can manage internally.

Customer Segmentation / Data Processing Services:

D2K is truly a "Data to Knowledge" organization.  Our data processing services allow you to enhance your response rates, lower your overall costs through the elimination of duplication and inaccurate information and improve your target marketing through additional data enhancements.

We can help you identify target segments within your customer database or simply segment the population based on criteria you provide.  Validation reports are provided on every campaign to insure accuracy and exclusion counts distributed to identify missed opportunities.

Specialized Mail Campaigns:

Prospect Acquisition - New customer acquisition mail program using demographic list sources.

Pre-screen "Firm Offer" - New, present or former customer credit bureau pre-screen program.  Extending pre-selected conditionally guaranteed offers.

Pre-screen "Guarantee" - New, present or former customer credit bureau pre-screen program.  Extending a 100% guaranteed offer.

Live Check or Usage Check - New, present or former customer credit bureau pre-screen program.  Extending live check drafts or usage checks.  Includes program development, execution and automated processing.

Present Customer Retention / Cross-sell - campaigns targeted to existing customers for maximum customer retention or cross-selling to other products or services.

We can assist with selecting credit bureau attributes, segmentation, creative and copy development, legal research and review and print production.

Email Append Processing

Upload one or more files containing basic customer information.  D2K will deliver back certified email addresses that have been verified, tested and provided the opportunity to opt-out.  You only pay for the valid email addresses delivered. Learn More



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