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Email marketing is an important tool that cannot be ignored in your comprehensive sales approach.  If you do not have an aggressive program in place to obtain email addresses on your customers or clients, we can help.

Through the help of some great partners, we can provide you access to millions of validated email addresses.  The match rate will vary depending upon the type of list you provide, but typically it is between 10% - 20%.

How Does It Work?

All you need a list of names and addresses.  We match those names to an email database made up of confirmed addresses for millions of customers.  A welcome email is sent on your behalf with the option to Opt Out of further email communication.

The process is fully compliant with current CAN-SPAM laws and approved Direct Marketing Association guidelines.  Hard bounces are removed from your list before delivery.  The best news of all - you only pay for the email addresses delivered. Place an Order


Cost per valid email delivered: $0.10
Minimum run charge: $1,800 (18,000 delivered email addresses)
Cost to validate your current email list: $299  (no limit on quantity)

How Do I Get Started?

The process is simple.  Place your order and receive information on how to upload your customer file to our secured FTP site along with the file layout requirements.  You will receive an email confirmation of your order, cost estimate and a sample of the "Welcome" email to review and approve.  Place an Order

Within 15 to 20 business days, a file will be delivered containing the email matches found and validated.

Recommended Uses

Regular email appends will help you reach your email gathering goal.  We recommend a minimum of two appends per year.  For best results, run this process quarterly.

Validate your current email database to identify hard bounces and invalid formats.

This is a wonderful tool to obtain new addresses for hard or soft bounce email addresses you have currently or provide addresses for spouses.


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