How Does the Holiday Centralized Branch Mail Process Work?

Holiday Mail Schedule
Holiday Mail Pricing
Holiday Creative Samples

Campaign Execution

  • Upload your present and former customer files to D2K's secured FTP site
  • D2K selects eligible customers based on your criteria
  • D2K assigns offers based on your criteria
  • Address information is standardized using USPS's National Change of Address database
  • You choose from several standard holiday creative packages
  • D2K provides audit material to valid the selection and offer processes
  • Your letters are printed and mailed

Mail Tracking

Special "intelligent" bar codes are used to track your mail delivery. Through your online access, you know when the mail is delivered and can notify your branches.

Online Customer Offer Information

The Advertising Look-up tool, offered through D2K's proprietary intranet platform, allows your branch offices access to all loan offer information, flag accounts they do not want included in future offers, and service customers requesting to be removed from all future marketing - Do Not Advertise (DNA).

From the Administrative site, you will be able to download the DNA data at any time. This can be used to remove customers from future campaigns - saving you print production and postage expenses.

Real-time Response Tracking

D2K will match your mailed customer list to actual loans made and turn down applications through the campaign period and provide you with comprehensive response tracking reports by branch location.





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