Introducing United Pre-screen Express (UPE)

"The Power of National Pre-screen Marketing for About 1/3 the Cost"

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Achieving top performance in today's subprime lending environment requires agility, speed and expert knowledge of the tools proven to help produce powerful results. However, the process of identifying and acquiring the right consumer loan prospects can be both expensive and time-consuming, giving large national lenters a distinct advantage over local or regional finance companies. Not any longer.


United Pre-screen Express (UPE), a collaborative lender program offered by SourceLink and D2K Corporation, now offers small and mid-sized consumer financial companies the same powerful tools employed by the nation's largest lenders - at about one-third the cost of implementing a stand-alone pre-screen marketing program.*

UPE pools the resources of multiple lenders just like you to offer customizable lending campaigns that correlate to your company's individual needs. Simply opt-in to the group that works with your preferred credit bureau, even select multiple groups, if you have branches using different bureaus. 

Suddenly, you have the strength of the Big Boys to go after the best performing loans without wasting time or taking on the expense of hiring additional personnel.

Starting Line

*When compared to equivalent stand-alone pre-screen execution. Does not include initial development, credit bureau, print production or postage costs.

Agility   |   Speed   |   Experience

Agility to customize the perfect campaign for your market

Whether you are developing your first pre-screen campaign or require select processes to enhance your current program, UPE offers flexible options, including:

  • Pre-screening
  • Bank set-up
  • Branch market analysis
  • Customer and offer segmentation
  • Creative Services (such as letter copy and design)
  • Printing and mailing
  • Response and performance analysis
  • As well as a full array of online management and communication tools

 Expert pre-screening for outstanding results more  quickly

The hours and personnel required to pre-screen thousand o candidates can strain often-limited resources. UPE takes each prospect through the pre-screening process for you in a fraction of the time.


We'll help you develop or enhance your criteria. We'll contact the credit bureaus, examine individual credit histories and segment your candidates by credit quality, so you can make better decisions regarding the most appropriate product offerings. The result: more loans and better loan performance in less time and for less money.

Knowledgeable turnkey campaign development from execution to analysis

UPE combines the consumer finance industry expertise of SourceLink and D2K Corporation to provide creative, results-driven response material from concept to mail drop and beyond. Whether a live check mailing, guaranteed or condition-guaranteed offer, each campaign is backed by professionals experienced in the most current wisdom regarding financial customer engagement and acquisition.


Dominate Your Market

 Dominate Your Market - for a Fraction of the Cost

For more information on how to become a member of United Pre-screen Express, contact our Marketing Service Team




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