UPE Pricing

UPE pricing can vary depending upon the type of pre-screen program you choose to execute. 

  • Pre-screen with Live Checks
  • Pre-screen without Live Checks
  • Pre-screen that includes present and former customers
  • Pre-screen that includes a prospect list, such as Former Bankrupts

We have developed a "menu" list of items you can select with items that are required for every pre-screen campaign and optional items you may choose to run each time or only periodically.

Initial Set-up and Development

There are a number of initial items that must be completed when you develop your first UPE pre-screen campaign. The costs listed below represent "one-time" expenses.

  • Kick-off meeting and campaign definition
  • Creative design and letter copy development*
  • Bank set-up (for live check only)
  • Branch market definition
  • Existing customer segmentation (if present & former or prospect list customers are included) 
  • Segmentation criteria definition
  • Offer, rate and term definition
  • PGP encrytion software (require for safe transmission of sensitive customer data) 

*Letter set-up fees will vary depending on the number of letter versions requested. Our pricing assumes one letter per offer type.

Initial Set -up Pricing

Campaign Execution

Once the pre-screen program is fully designed and set-up, the process is fully automated and can be run quickly and efficiently during each campaign cycle. Selection criteria and offer amounts can easily be changed from campaign to campaign.

The following processes are performed:

  • Credit bureau order
  • Offer segmentation
  • Offer assignment
  • Audit materials
  • Production file creation
  • Production audits and letter sample review
  • Post-production file processing
  • National Change of Address (NCOA)
  • Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) - live check only 

Campaign Execution Pricing

Campaign Re-mail Execution

You are allowed you to re-mail the non-responders at no additional credit bureau cost. In addition, you are not required to perform the NCOA or OFAC processes a second time. Therefore, it is very cost-efficent to re-mail your pre-screen population.

The following processes are performed:

  • Identify past campaign responders
  • Remove returned mail and process new address information
  • Offer validation and audit materials
  • Production file creation
  • Production audits and letter sample review
  • Post-production file processing

Re -mail Execution Pricing

Print and Postage

As a member of UPE, you will be provided standard print and postage costs. There are discounts on the laser printing and production with total quantities more than 10,000 and 100,000. The pricing below is based on an 8 1/2 x 14 two-sided form.

Live Check Pricing

GTD-Firm Pricing


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