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“D2K is the best partner for understanding our data and asking the right decisions for our business. With their various types of campaigns to retain and gain clients, to the tools we can use to improve a branch’s ability to contact customers, their data and internet tools have allowed us to take better control of our marketing program. They are always rolling out improvements and new tools are communicated in real time, so you always know what’s happening with your system. Any updates come with expertly documented procedures for training staff and they are available any time for questions. D2K Corp is leading our team to success and they can do the same for your business.”

– Collin Williams, Executive Vice President, Wallace Management Company

our services

At D2K we utilize innovative data solutions to expand your market. Whether you are developing a new marketing program or evaluating a current one, our data mining tools will help you make informed decisions to meet your business goals.

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D2K works with a proprietary intranet platform called iConnect to build the online tools for your changing business needs. iConnect enables instant company communications from anywhere, eliminates file storage on site or in network drives. Easy to use, ability to limit access for levels of employees, the portal becomes your go-to-tool for running your business! iConnect has standard and custom modules to complement your marketing campaigns. From managing complicated programs like live checks, to running reports of online loan applications, to human resource data – iConnect has what you need to achieve unity in your offices.

iConnect  •  iConnect Extra    ReadyWeb

our clients

D2K Corp is recognized for leading their clients to improved acquisition and retention of customers since it’s foundation in 2005 by marketing and data experts. Using their years of experience in data mining and technology D2K is a specialist in developing processes and technology tools that can grow your business in a budget friendly manner.  D2K isn’t just about data – we provide our clients with marketing services including design, project management, analysis and performance tracking. Focusing on financial lenders direct mail campaigns, our data analysis tools increase response rates and expand customer bases. Contact us today for a free consultation!