Direct Mail Campaign

D2K offers clients a complete and comprehensive approach to Direct Mail campaigns ensuring you get the largest return on your investment. We analyze data from past campaigns and set attributes to make future campaigns successful. Whether you are looking at marketing to present and former customers, offering former bankruptcies the chance to start over, or looking to increase your customer base by marketing to new customers, we have the tools you need.

Live Checks, Guaranteed and Firm Offers of Credit or simply Invitations to Apply are all campaigns that get your targeted customers to respond; but how do you know what offer to send? D2K will assist you through the entire campaign from creating the Credit Bureau work order, designing the creatives and letter copy, to developing qualified criteria for offers sent to customers. We make sure that you understand the criteria and are comfortable with the offers that we are suggesting to mail. You always have the final say in what we do.

To increase your response rate, you can add extra features such as a Promo Code or Sweepstakes. The Promo Code will direct the customers to go online and enter the promo code to apply for extra cash, subject to your credit approval process.

Running a sweepstakes, while doing a seasonal mailing, is something you can do to increase the amount of information you collect.  Christmas is a great time to run a sweepstakes offer.  As individuals get their offers in the mail, whether they take out a loan or not, they may enter the sweepstakes and possibly tell their friends about your sweepstakes. By entering the sweepstakes, individuals are giving you valuable information and allowing you the opportunity to legally contact them via mail, email, and text services for future communication.

Not only does D2K offer direct mail marketing through the US Postal Service, but we also offer targeted mailing using email and text services. With the increased use of electronic communication, it is important to stay ahead of the curve. D2K can assist you in purchasing verified email addresses and creating seasonal campaigns to use in electronic marketing.

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