iConnect Intranet Platform

D2K has developed online tools that are housed within a proprietary intranet platform called iConnect.  iConnect enables improved company communications and provides for the elimination of storing files and information on network drives.  It has an easy-to-use administrative management portal, company directory system, corporate calendar, and many other basic features.  iConnect has many standard and custom modules that provide functions such as improving efficiency, creating reports, storing important information and supporting company initiatives. D2K Corp. will activate an iConnect site for your company and upload an employee list allowing access to all employees based on their branch assignment.

In addition to the initial set-up, D2K Corp. will provide your key company employees with training on navigating the site, using the iConnect tools, and managing users and site content.

Standard features included in your iConnect site are:

  • Secure FTP
  • Document access by hierarchy
  • Dynamic menu management
  • Unlimited file upload
  • Ticker alerts
  • News articles
  • Photo Albums
  • FAQ
  • Pre-Screen Campaign Communication
    D2K Corp. will add communication on all the details related to the new pre-screen campaign to iConnect at no cost. This includes campaign summary information, creative samples, live check welcome instructions, fraud procedures, live check booking instructions, and pre-screen campaign results.
  • Corporate Calendar
    Allows you to display important dates company wide.
  • Branch Roster
    Allows you to maintain all the branch contact information, including; manager name, email, landmark directions, branch logo (if multiple brands), and supervisor. Your branches have access to the Branch Roster and the ability to print or download the roster to Excel.
  • Zip Code Management Center
    Allows you to upload their current branch zip code list and manage their branch markets. Home Office and/or supervisors can review, add, delete, or reassign zip codes. The Zip Code Management Center automatically calculates the driving distance from all zip codes to the assigned branch. Reports are available on key zip code demographic information provided by USPS and including 2010 US Census data.
  • Complaint Resolution Center
    Allows companies to track, document, and resolve complaints from all different sources; phone, office visit, mail, BBB, CFPB, or other regulatory agencies. Complaints are logged by the branch and communicated to their immediate supervisor along with the branch recommendation for resolution. The supervisor either provides direction to the branch or chooses to handle the issue. The original complaint, supporting information, and resolution documents are stored on iConnect.
  • Help Center
    Provides you guides on various tasks that can be completed within iConnect
  • iConnect Content Manager
    The Administration site allows your company to manage iConnect content and the iConnect Help Center contains documentation for both the user and Home Office administrative staff. D2K Corp does provide optional content management services. Your company has the option to purchase a “block of hours” package or engage D2K Corp periodically on a flat hourly rate.

See additional tools that can be added to enhance your company’s capabilities with iConnect.

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