Listed below are the most-popular iConnect tools designed to compliment your company’s marketing campaigns, administrative tasks, communication, and compliance. For a full description of each tool, simply click the Learn More button to view or download this information.

Loan Scheduler

This efficient tool gives you scheduling visibility and customers the convenience of setting up their own online loan closing appointment with your branch offices.

Live Check Processing Center

Assists your company with processing live check images and communicating the check cashers and booking instructions with their branch locations.

IP Security

Lock down your iConnect intranet site to specific branch IP addresses to guard your data and client information.

Form Builder

Build your own forms for internal purposes and archive them in iConnect. Helpful for new employee forms, federal forms, and more.


EasyScore is a fully customizable tool used to score new, active, and former customers applying for a loan.

D2K Online Application

Customers can complete a 3 or 4-step application process, review their application information and print out a copy of their own application.

Apps on Demand

A new customer acquisition product designed to provide you with customers seeking small loans online.

Campaign Look Up

Assists your company in managing their pre-screen customer lists.

MLA Processing Center

Customers can look up military members to identify active and inactive members and benefit from a secure certificate archival system.

Telemarketing Portal

Customers can control their solicitation program, branch and employee performance tracking, and most of all; generate renewals and growth!

Payment Resolution Center

Allow customers the ability to communicate payment situations that will affect their capability of making their payment through a valuable website tool.

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